Bloggers Who Sparkle

3 Bloggers Share How They Style Their Sparkle With Hillberg & Berk.



The Tessa Virtue collection is all about embracing brilliance, while expressing a balance between delicacy and strength, quiet confidence and fearless ambition, femininity and fortitude. Inspired by the collection and it's versatility, 3 of our favourite Canadian bloggers share how they style their sparkle with Hillberg & Berk's Tessa Virtue Collection. 

Over My Styled Body

Lyndsey Forest  |  Hillberg & Berk Style Story



Lyndsey Forest of Over My Styled Body (and her adorable fur babies, Henry and Oggy) are no strangers to sparkle. "Hillberg & Berk has so many great collections out right now, but I have to say my personal favourite is the Tessa Virtue collection. I love the range it offers from tons of sparkle to everyday casual pieces."



Lyndsey adds a subtle sparkle and feminine touch to her oversized chambray dress with the St. Tropez Necklace. This single tear-drop druzy necklace also features the signature Tessa Virtue by Hillberg & Berk tag near the closure. She's paired her St. Tropez necklace perfectly with the Tessa Ring, a simple silver band engraved with the words "Strength," "Balance," and "Dream."



More than her taste in literature, or her gorgeous decor, we love the way Lyndsey styled this casual comfort outfit, perfect for a weekend afternoon.

Teach Me Style

Holly Horvath  |  Hillberg & Berk Style Story



Holly Horvath of Teach Me Style is a first grade teacher and lover of the finer things in life (like fashion, beauty products, things that make her smile and food). She teaches us style by showing how to perfectly accessorize the staple Little Black Dress (LBD) that every woman has in her closet.



The Abbey Road Necklace adds a bit of refined edge to her casual LBD. "I absolutely LOVE this necklace, " writes Holly. "It makes a statement but at the same time isn’t too bold and doesn’t overpower the outfit." To complete her LBD look, Holly opted to keep things simple and not take too much away from her statement necklace. Keeping her colour palette neutral, she paired her Abbey Road Necklace with the understated Cambridge Bracelet and the subtle (but gorgeously sparkling) Kensington Earrings in silver.

Oh, and also, have you seen her shoes?


Natalie Ast Style

Natalie Ast  |  Hillberg & Berk Style Story



Natalie Ast, law student and fashion blogger of Natalie Ast Style, was inspired by Tessa Virtue herself, when styling her Tessa Virtue collections. Channeling the figure skater glamour, Natalie wears a neoprene skater dress and tweed blazer with black suede ballet flats.



Peek-a-booing through the classy collar of her blazer, the Scout Necklace is a dainty layered necklace featuring faceted almond hypersthene and a rutilated quartz spike. "Layered gold necklaces are a huge trend, and I love the addition of natural stones, including Labradorite and hypersthene in this piece," writes Natalie. "The necklace is easy to wear with v-necklines, but I also wore it over a crewneck midi dress and a plain white tee for a more casual look."



The Eze Bracelet features 5 pearls on a dainty gold chain and is the perfect contemporary counterpart to Natalie's elegant ensemble. She tops off her look with the Kensington Earrings in gold, looking simply stunning in her weekday attire.