A Love Story

Love Story Winners Donate Grand Prize to Charity

Each year, Hillberg & Berk hosts an event known as "The Love Story Contest". Through the contest, couples share their unique love stories for a chance to win a $10,000 dream Tacori engagement ring from Hillberg & Berk. Last year, as the stories came flooding in, we met Rea and Chad Isaac. Although we quickly fell in love with their story, we could not have anticipated the events to follow.



Rea and Chad have been friends 26 years, together for 17 years, married for 13 years and have expanded their family with two sons.

"Our love is special because it is precious to us both, our love is strong because we have worked to make it that way. Our love is dependent because we have always been there for the other. Our love story is special because no matter what roads we took in our teen and young adult lives, it always brought us back on to the same path."



With each conversation with Rea, we grew more and more confident she was our winner, and we began preparations for the surprise announcement. In a sudden turn of events, however, Rea contacted us to withdraw from the contest:

"Chad and I have decided to graciously withdraw from the Love Story contest. Though we feel honored to have been selected and grateful to tell our story, we feel that the prize, if we were to win, would be wasted on us... We feel another couple would be more deserving of this opportunity, perhaps a younger couple just diving into the marriage pond"

Our shock and confusion slowly transformed to overwhelming admiration as Rea continued, suggesting an idea to donate her prize:

"Could we ask to donate it rather than get a ring perhaps?"

We knew just the right place.



In November, our COO, Mary Weimer proudly presented a Tacori engagement ring valued at $9,995 at the Mirror Ball hosted by Look Good Feel Better on behalf of Rea and Chad.



Look Good Feel Better is a foundation dedicated to supporting and empowering Canadian women battling breast cancer.



We are continuously inspired by the generosity of the Isaac family and are proud to have helped celebrate the special relationship of Rea and Chad. To help give back a little bit of the sparkle that Rea and Chad so movingly demonstrated, we refurbished Rea's existing custom aquamarine engagement ring to help it shine as brightly as she does for their next 25 years.

And that, is our favourite love story.