H&B’s Do’s & Don’ts

At H&B, we believe that when you meet that perfect piece of awesome jewellery, receive that gorgeous diamond ring, or slip on your wedding band, the two of you are meant to be together for life. We created a short list of do’s and don’ts, to make sure nothing comes between you and your happily ever after … with your favourite jewellery!

1. Do: take your diamonds and gemstone jewellery out for a stroll whenever you feel like being fabulous. At H&B we believe that jewellery should be worn and showed off. Buying awesome jewellery for the sole purpose of storing it in a safe, well that we disapprove of. 

2. Don’t: wear it during household chores. While admiring your diamond ring or sparkle balls might cheer you up while you scrub the stove, the harsh chemicals do not cheer up your diamond (or sparkle balls). The same goes for cooking: heat from the stove can harm your gemstone jewellery, and food is a tenacious enemy of silver and gold bracelets: once it gets between the links, it is there to stay.