Do’s and Don’ts: The Glamorous Traveller

No, you don’t have to leave all your sparkly goods behind when travelling, but a little extra care will prevent you from bringing home regrets instead of fantastic memories and gorgeous souvenirs.



Do: scout exotic locations for rare finds. As our stylists and designers could tell you, trips are a great occasion to score some awesome jewellery (did you know that gemstones arrive at our production department in Regina from all corners of the world?). Next time you are travelling, hit the local markets and boutiques. Have fun scouting for the most unique jewellery and bargaining for the best price, it’s all part of the experience!

Don’t: be careless when travelling with your gemstone jewellery. There is nothing wrong with taking some of your favourite pieces on holiday with you, as long as you go about it carefully. Store your jewels in fabric-lined boxes or pouches, keep them near you, make sure they do not get shaken during the trip, and don’t toss them loose in your purse or luggage. Also, do not forget them in the Hotel safe. Yours truly learned that one the hard way.