A Mother's Day message from our CEO, Rachel Mielke.

My Journey into Motherhood. 

This year I celebrate my second Mother’s Day since becoming a mom. Over the past year-and –a-half I have discovered many things about what motherhood really means, and I would like to share a few of them today.


Hillberg & Berk, jewellery store in Regina. Canadian jewellery designer


First, I discovered the true meaning of unconditional love. A mom’s unconditional love acts as a filter through which we experience sleepless nights, endless crying, dirty diapers and complete exhaustion. The intensity of a mother’s selfless love is truly a blessing that has perpetuated the existence of our species.

Second, I have found a new level of love and appreciation for my own mom, my grandmothers, and my great-grandmothers. My life is exponentially easier that theirs have been, and raising children today is, from some points of view, simpler than it used to be. They endured struggles and hardships, yet provided a loving and nurturing environment for their children. I can only truly appreciate what they must have gone through having had a child of my own.

A final discovery, the last gift of motherhood that I would like to share, is how it has taught me – and continues to teach me – to just go with the flow. There’s no reasoning with a 16-months- old, so sometimes you just need to let them dance naked on the table.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and grandmothers. You’ve all made sacrifices to give me a better life, and I will be forever grateful!

Happy Mother’s Day to H&B mothers and to the women who beautifully wear our jewellery, you all inspire me to create a company that is worthy of having you as customers!




Photograph by Carina Gartner Lamarche, Details Photography Studio