The Arm-candy Party: some tips from our stylist on this latest of trends.

We sat down with our stylist, Emily Selinger, for some insider tips on how to master the latest jewellery trend: the Arm-candy Party.




First question: is there such a thing as too much bling? How do we find the right sparkle balance?

If Hillberg & Berk had a middle name it would be Sparkle, but when it comes to mastering the Arm-candy Party you definitely don't want to be up to your elbow in bling!  To find the right balance, pair some sparkly Swarovski & gemstone bracelets with simple bangles or a chain-link bracelet. This will give you the stackable look without going overboard! 


Short sleeves, no sleeves, long sleeves. What’s the recipe to match arm candy to arm wear?

Any sleeves will do!  The great thing about layering your bracelets is that this look goes with every outfit.  I suggest simpler stacking with long sleeves, and adding daring more bling with a sleeveless top!


Colorful vs neutral: which one on which occasions, and what with? 

I love that all-neutral look: it transitions seamlessly from day to night.  Pairing a neutral top with a stack of mixed metal bracelets: perfection!  If you are craving some colour, couple neutral bracelets and a bright outfit, or a neutral outfit and a stack of fun bright bracelets!  A beautiful white summer dress will look amazing with some summery coral & turquoise bracelets, while a bold-coloured blouse will look its best with neutral gemstones.


The biggest no-no when it comes to arm-candy? 

Have a theme! You definitely don't want to aimlessly stack your all of your bracelets. Invite to your arm-candy Party bracelets that have something in common, be it a gemstone, metal, or crystal. That shared element in all your bracelets will tie everything together.