2018 Collection: Autumn

Embrace the rich textures of the Canadian Badlands

Inspired by the unique Canadian landscape of the rugged badlands, we are proud to bring you the first palette of our 2018 Collection.



Wind-carved sandstone, rich clay-based textures, and an impressive panoramic view make up the Big Muddy Badlands—the shoot location for our Autumn palette.



As a nod to the tones and patterns of the badlands, the gemstones that make up the Autumn palette evoke a sense of warmth and natural wonder.



Matte leopard jasper blends the rich, earthy hues found in clay, giving off a textured appeal with a desert flair.



Like the buff sandstone of the badlands, dalmatian jasper features a neutral base with charcoal grey and copper elements for a balanced intrigue.



Exude the rich, rugged warmth found in the Canadian Badlands with the Autumn palette of our 2018 Collection.