Say "Thank You" to Your Bridesmaids with Stunning Bridal Party Jewellery

Bracelet Pandent EarRing


Every bride-to-be knows that without her bridesmaids, planning a wedding would be much more challenging. There definitely would not be a bachelorette party in Vegas or a bridal shower to boot. Without her bridesmaids, there would be no one to answer her panicked calls at 3 am when she is second guessing her wedding colours, wondering if she should have gone with the candy bar instead of the sundae station, and where on earth should she apply for her gift registry?

On your big day having the right bridesmaids beside you can be just as important as having the right man in front of you. Sometimes, you need more than words to say a proper thank you to the girls who paved the way down your aisle. Sometimes, you need Hillberg & Berk.

Show your bridesmaids your appreciation with our signature bridal party jewellery, like the Signature Silver Beads Stretch Bracelet or the Signature Key Necklace. For the glitzy bridal party squad, say thank you with the Purple Aurora Borealis Sparkle Ball Earrings, which will sparkle on long after the celebration is over.

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