Autumn—Winter 2015 Collection

Spread Your Wings With Hillberg & Berk's New Collection



Just as Hillberg & Berk has spread its wings and taken flight this year, the Autumn—Winter 2015 collection soars in a stunning ensemble inspired by birds and feathers. 

Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most majestic cities, the Autumn—Winter 2015 collection reflects exotic and gentle refinement, with a bold and earthly palette. The royal London landscape also serves as a nod to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, who proudly wears a custom one-of-a-kind brooch gifted to her by Hillberg & Berk, and to whom the company attributes much of its success.

The aviary-inspired collection encompasses both the delicate and weightless nature of a feather, and the fierce and feral strength of birds of prey. The color palette focuses on contrast and depth, with pearlescence, golds and violets paired against shimmering charcoals and onyx, all fraught with feathery details, charms, and pendants.

From the delicacy of a pearl spheres, to the raw-edges of a gemstones, to talon like cut crystals, geometric shapes are used with great purpose to evoke the smooth, streamlined movement of a bird in flight. All of the elements combine to create a rich, complex collection made to symbolize the spreading of one's wings.



"All of the elements combine to create a luxuriously rich palette of earthen tones and glittering silvers and golds, cultivated for spreading one’s wings."

— Hillberg & Berk