Sparkle Longer, Sparkle Stronger

 Sparkle longer and stronger with Hillberg & Berk's new Sparkle Ball!



Introducing the new Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Ball stud earrings with a stamped sterling silver cap and an extended one year warranty


Gold Sparkle Ball Stud EarringHematite Sparkle Ball Stud Earring


At Hillberg & Berk, it is our vision to empower women through design. We strive to help women believe that they sparkle, every day. What's more, we strive to help women capture their unique sparkle and share it with others.



What does it mean to capture your sparkle? It means confidence. It means self-love. It means laughter and joy. To "Share Your Sparkle" is to join a movement of women empowering women, and to feel empowered yourself.



Now, with our new Sparkle Ball Earrings, we want women to sparkle longer and sparkle stronger.

Sparkle longer by showing resilience in the face of challenges.



Sparkle stronger by being fearless in your pursuits.

And, most importantly, share your sparkle by uplifting and supporting each other."When you Share Your Sparkle, you aren’t just giving a pair of Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Balls, you are acknowledging the impact that another woman has left on your life"

— CEO, Rachel Mielke