Sparkle with a Purpose

Supporting The Canadian Armed Forces

Hillberg & Berk is proud to launch "Support Our Troops" Yellow Ribbon Pins dedicated to supporting our Canadian Armed Forces.



We are pleased to announce the creation of two Yellow Ribbon pins in support of our Canadian Military troops with 10% of proceeds benefiting The Military Families Fund and Soldier On.



On November 5th, 2015 at Government House, Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor, Vaughn Solomon Schofield, announced the Support Our Troops Gala to be held on November 5th, 2016. Hillberg & Berk will participate as a sponsor for the event and will sell the Yellow Ribbon pins for the next year leading up to the Gala. In addition to the sale of the pins, Rachel Mielke was once again commissioned by Her Honour, Vaugh Solomon Schofield to create a pin for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The Yellow Ribbon pin, crafted from 18k gold and yellow sapphires, was delivered to Her Majesty this week.



There are two styles of pins available for purchase. The first style features 3 crystals representing the Army, Navy and Airforce on a yellow gold plated ribbon. The second style is a replica of the pin sent to Queen Elizabeth II, featuring pavè crystals on a yellow gold plated ribbon, perfect for the person who loves a bit of sparkle.



Tickets for the event are available at

"We hope you will join us in wearing the Yellow Ribbon Pin as tribute to the men and women who sacrifice to serve our nation."

-Mary Weimer 

Chief Operating Officer