EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Last week Rachel Mielke, creator of Hillberg & Berk, was recognized internationally!



Hillberg & Berk is a female-driven, female-focused company created by Rachel Mielke. Last week, her success was recognized as an Ernst and Young (EY) Entrepreneurial Winning Woman.

At Hillberg & Berk, our unique culture can be attributed to one source: Rachel Mielke. Our fearless CEO and leader embodies ambition, passion and vision. It is no surprise to the Hillberg & Berk team that Rachel has been named one of the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women.

Rachel built the Hillberg & Berk brand to empower women, making the world a more beautiful place with more than jewellery. In the last five years, Hillberg & Berk has grown over 600%. What’s more, each year Hillberg & Berk donates a minimum of 2.5% of profits back to local and global charities that uplift, educate, and inspire women. Through Rachel’s pursuit for excellence, women around her are reaching their potential.

Hillberg & Berk is pleased to announce that Rachel is being recognized internationally for the company that she has steadfastly grown, and the potential she has for future success.

Last week 12,000 people gathered with the most outstanding women entrepreneurs from North America in Palm Springs for the Ernst & Young (EY) Strategic Growth Forum - where the 2015 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women were presented. Rachel was one of the 12 recipients of this competitive, prestigious award.



What is the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program?

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women is an elite program dedicated to propelling women forward in business. It inspires them to dream big and realize their potential. EY provides networking connections, mentorship, and resources for these motivated women.

"It will take until 2095 for women to achieve gender parity in the workplace, according to the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2014. EY, a long-standing leader in women’s economic advancement, believes this is far too long. Women. Fast forward unifies into one global accelerator our numerous programs and initiatives designed to advance women, such as Entrepreneurial Winning Women, so we can employ our collective knowledge, experiences and convening power to push ourselves further and to help accelerate the achievement of global gender parity."


Each year the program recognizes the success and the potential for future success of 12 eligible candidates who enter an executive leadership program.



"They played my elevator pitch for over 12,000 people. It was an immense honour. The program targets high-growth potential female entrepreneurs in North America - and of hundreds of women, I was selected..."

-Rachel Mielke