Spring - Summer 2016 Collection

Embrace the City of Light



From a City of Light flooded with movement and energy, we find ourselves inside a brimming garden of solitude and still vibrancy. The afternoon sun hangs heavy in the air and a natural, lush setting overwhelms the senses.



An intimate pocket guarded from a bustling city of art, fashion and culture is where our Spring —Summer 2016 Collection wakes in full bloom. It is a romantic, untamed space clouded with the sweet, balmy scent of flowers.

With a creamy palette composed of natural moonstone, opal and golden quartz and delicate details inspired by Parisian flowers, this collection is made to evoke a sense of sophistication and feminine refinement known to French fashion.



Like a voluminous bouquet of fresh hydrangeas, muted moonstone is balanced with sapphire hues to create a sense of refined romanticism.



A neutral, creamy palette of rose gold and natural opal stir a soft femininity familiar to blooming roses.



Light and airy pastels elevated with cool silver awaken a feeling of fresh and cultivated playfulness.