Spring Neutrals

OOAKF: Limited Edition Spring Neutrals Make a Statement



This month's Limited Edition Collection is inspired by a statement necklace that encapsulates everything spring in one-of-a-kind jewellery.



Spring is for new beginnings, for letting go (time to lose the winter boots), and for finding new inspiration. It is a time for growth, for shedding the layers (both physically and metaphorically), for grounding and reconnection. Most of all, it is a time for fresh starts (and new jewellery).



The Adela necklace is spring manifested in a true statement piece that feels serene and light, while still being daring and bold. With captivating contrast and attention to detail, this spring statement necklace embraces a calming earthy palette of white sapphire and rainbow moonstone, while dalmatian jasper and hematite bring in deep grounding elements that play off high-shine metals and the brilliant iridescence of spring neutrals.



How Lisa would style this piece:

"Because of the versatile palette, this necklace can be worn casually with your favourite daytime look and transition into an evening outfit statement piece. For daytime, I would wear this necklace over a button up collared shirt or simple crew neck. For an evening look, I would pair this piece with a draped neutral dress to make this fabulous piece the focal point of the outfit, with simple stud earrings and a bold statement bracelet. This necklace would also look amazing paired with a structured top or dress."



Inspired by the Limited Edition Adela necklace also comes the One-of-a-Kind Isla and Esme sets.

For the spring minimalist, the Isla necklaces (short or long) feature the same brilliant opal found in the Adela necklace, with neutral agate drops and Swarovski spacers for a grounded and versatile design. Pair the sparkling Isla necklaces with the complementing Isla drop earrings.



Embrace spring neutrals with Limited Edition Esme. The Esme bracelets, necklace and earrings are all inspired by the light and neutral palette of the Adela necklace. Created with the same dalmatian jasper that is used in the Adela Statement Necklace, the Esme pieces all embody the same cool, earthy tones and balanced, versatile design.



Ready to make your spring debut? It is time to shed the layers and start anew with One-of-a-Kind, Limited Edition spring neutrals that were created with versatility (and you) in mind.



Why we love this look: “My inspiration for the March One-of-a-Kind piece is spring neutrals and I have used a tri-metal combination with a palette of whites, browns and greys to create interesting contrast that feels light and versatile” -Lisa McEachern