Invest in Women

Introducing the Tessa Virtue by Hillberg & Berk spring collection



Tessa Virtue is the type of woman that Hillberg & Berk celebrates because she embodies determination, passion and ambition. Her message is for all women to embrace their unique brilliance and today, on International Women's Day, this message is particularly significant. To celebrate brilliant women worldwide, Hillberg & Berk is proud to donate 20% of International Women's Day sales to one of our most loved foundations, The Malala Fund.



The Tessa Virtue by Hillberg & Berk spring collection offers a fresh, vibrant palette that allows the natural beauty of turquoise to take full focus. These pieces are made to evoke a sense of bohemian freedom and adventure familiar to daring, confident women ready to seize the day.



"Amplifying women's voices and advocating for women is at the very heart of Hillberg and Berk. I am thrilled that on March 8th, investing in the Tessa Virtue Spring Collection means investing in education and resources for women. Let's celebrate one another and embrace our brilliance!"

-Tessa Virtue



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