All Eyes On Blue

OOAKF: April Limited Edition Jewellery Casts All Eyes on Blue



This month's limited edition jewellery casts all eyes on blue with a stunning one-of-a-kind collection, inspired by the dreamy Ophelia necklace.



Imagine the sand beneath your toes, the tranquil lapping of the Mediterranean sea as it kisses the shore, a gentle breeze. The Ophelia Necklace is for dreamers. A statement piece that transports you with its beautiful blue opal and an eye-catching cut of ocean blue topaz, surrounded by hand-crafted Bali beads and Swarovski crystals. Hints of mixed gold and silver metals add a faraway feel and balance the soft, calming blues in this luxurious design.



How Lisa would style this piece:

"Although the natural radiance of blue opal stands beautifully on its own, I envision this piece draped over a crisp white dress to create some contrast and really allow the unique palette to take full focus."



“This piece makes me feel like I'm sitting in the sun near the sea along the Mediterranean coast.”



Inspired by Ophelia, comes April's One-of-a-Kind collection. Each piece every bit as transportive, with their delicate baby blues.

Capture a single drop of the deep blue sea with the Aidan drop earrings, featuring sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. Pair them with the matching Aidan necklace, a small ocean blue crystal rests beneath two Swarovski spacers on a short diamond faceted Italian silver chain.



The Delilah set is made up of bracelet, earrings and necklace in a darling sailor's sky blue. Blue lace agate is the focal point of the stretchy Delilah bracelet, complemented by Swarovski crystal and glimmerings of sterling silver. The Delilah earrings feature a single crystal blue drop with double Swarovski spacers.



The Delilah necklace is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. As darling as it's counterparts, in the same shades of sailor's sky blue, like hidden treasure, this long necklace also features a removable bracelet.



Both delicate and wild, the Quinn necklace and matching Quinn bracelet, capture the essence of the ocean waves with stunning blue lace agate. Both pieces are complemented by sterling silver.