Boho Blues

July One-of-a-Kind: Bohemian Jewellery For Festive Summer Vibes



There is something spectacular about blues in the summer time. Turquoise against tan skin. Larimar glistening in the golden rays of sun. Blue topaz against a backdrop of wild sky and water. Blue is evocative of those long July nights where the sun refuses to set.



This month's One-of-a-Kind Collection — Boho Blues — is a thoughtful amalgamation of gorgeous blue-hued stones accented with pearly neutrals and sundrop golds to create a whimsical summer feeling.



The airy collection is inspired by the one-of-a-kind Verona Necklace; a bold statement piece with a festive bohemian vibe. The Verona Necklace is a perfect and functional all-season accessory, as the shortest strand of the necklace is removable and can be worn on its own as a choker.

The boho colour palette makes this stunning piece all the more versatile — paired with summer brights, it pops playfully; dressed up in neutrals, the Verona Necklace adds a hint of mystic exoticism.



Making up the rest of the Boho Blues Collection are the same turquoise-toned stones set with shimmering gold and silver accents. The Lucia Necklace and Bracelet are dainty and romantic, while the Odessa Necklace has a Mediterranean feel. For simple and classic, the Jasmine Necklace will take you from daytime to night time with zero added effort.



Infuse your summer with festive bohemian vibes and spice up your wardrobe with our Boho Blues Collection.