Desert Rose

August One-of-a-Kind: Bohemian jewellery with a romantic, transient twist



August's hot and dry climate can be too much for those unseasoned by the sun. For others, it is the most romantic time of year. It's freckled skin and sundresses. It's the clinking of ice cubes as you swirl a rosé spritzer in your hand. It's early mornings, rising with the sun and dusky late nights, the wind still warm on bare shoulders.



This month's One-Of-A-Kind collection is an attempt at encapsulating August as a mood. It evokes an enchanting form of nostalgia, as rare as a Desert Rose. With warm, bohemian tones, the collection is inspired by a daring statement necklace with a transient feel.



The Florence Necklace is comprised of five unique strands, and features elements of rutilated quartz, rose quartz, peach moonstone, and more. The colour palette is reminiscent of a summer sunset and perfectly complements sun-kissed skin.



What makes the Florence Necklace truly one-of-a-kind, however, is its functionality. Because of its unprecedented design, this stunning piece can be worn 31 different ways. Combined with its earthy, feminine tones, the Florence Necklace is an ideal accessory for transitioning from summer to fall.



It's easy to see the inspiration in the rest of the Desert Rose collection. Each piece is complementary to the other, and infused with the same bohemian romanticism and summer elegance. Embrace the dog days of summer with the windswept warmth of our August One-Of-A-Kind Collection.