Fashion Faux Pas

Some rules are meant to be broken

We've taken three common jewellery faux pas and laid out the perfect ways for you to prove them wrong.

Myth #1: Never mix your metals



The antiquated rule that said to match our jewellery's metals to the hardware of our handbags or shoes is long gone.

Not only will mixing your metals add an injection of visual interest to your outfit, it also means your jewellery collection just got a lot more versatile!

For silver lovers, rose gold is a great way to warm up the cool tone. Conversely, mixing gold and rose gold together maintains a warm palette, but adds contrast between the pieces.

For a more industrial look, silver and gold play off each other in an unexpectedly chic way. Mixing your metals can instantly update your accessory repertoire.

Myth #2: Less is always more



Why wear one when you could wear multiples? Layering is another way to add flair to an ensemble, and to make it effortless there are a few guidelines.

When layering short necklaces, begin with the heaviest piece first and layer it with one or two more lighter pieces to build visual effect.

Length dictates how to layer longer necklaces – keep them each at various lengths and layer longest to shortest. With bracelets and rings, remember that odd numbers and asymmetry look purposefully stylish.

Layering is a fun way to achieve a great dressed down or glammed up look.

Myth #3: Find the perfect match



Who hasn’t fallen in love with a beautiful component that was conveniently featured in a necklace, bracelet and earrings. These pieces are great because you immediately connect with them, but keep in mind that you aren’t limited to wearing them all at once.



Taking the statement necklace and pairing it with delicate bracelets and a simple stud earring is a great way to play with scale in your accessories.

For enhanced texture, layer the stretch bracelet with other bracelets in a similar colour palette, but with varying stone shapes or sizes.

Interjecting other pieces into your matching sets allows you to add a personal touch.