Made in Canada

Take a peek inside our production and get to know the empowered women hand-crafting our pieces



Have you ever wondered how Hillberg & Berk jewellery is made? What about who is making it and where? Let us take you on a behind the scenes journey to our production facility in Regina, Saskatchewan, where an amazing team of women create the magic that is Hillberg & Berk.

Phase 1- Design

The first step of the jewellery making process is design. Our Head Designer, Lisa, spends her days getting creative with gemstones, crystals and fine metals. Here, Lisa is creating the June OOAKF statement piece.



Phase 2- Design Finalization

Before pieces are finalized, Rachel meets with Lisa to get fresh eyes on the design. This provides an opportunity for Rachel and Lisa to collaborate and make any required adjustments before final construction.



Phase 3- Production

Once the piece is approved, the piece moves to production for construction. For one-of-a-kind pieces like this one, Lisa will do the majority of the production, but for collection pieces production manages the full assembly.



Phase 4- Detailing & Pricing

After the piece is complete, it moves on to detailing and pricing. During this step, the piece is scanned so it can be manually coded and all of the components and gemstones can be recorded.



Phase 5- Quality Check

After the details of the piece are recorded, it is sent for a full quality check. During this step, the piece is manually inspected for accuracy, condition and overall appearance.



Phase 6- Merchandising

Lights, camera, action! The piece is officially ready for the store.



Phase 7- Home Time

A lucky customer is sent the piece from our shipping department.



Although every production run is unique, each Hillberg & Berk piece encompasses the creativity, attention and care of wonderful women, right here in Canada.