March is for Women

Donate 100% of Your Venus Necklace Purchase to Your Choice of Three Charities



Hillberg & Berk is dedicated to empowering women through three pillars: education, inspiration and opportunity. For the month of March, we are proud to launch the Venus Necklace to support women with 100% of the sales through causes that align with our three pillars.

Get to know our International Women's Day charities of choice below.



Donate your 100% to education 


The Impact: Women in Ag is dedicated to supporting, educating and connecting women in the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan. They work to raise awareness of women in the Ag Industry by showcasing smart, talented women of all ages, backgrounds & professions.

Your donation benefits a scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources as well as the annual “Advancing All Women” conference.

“Empowering. Supporting. Connecting.”

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Donate your 100% to inspiration


The Impact: Fast and Female is an organization dedicated to changing the culture around girls in sports and to pursuing a mission of keeping girls healthy, happy and active in sports through their teens.

Participants are introduced to inspiring female role models, develop general athleticism, make friends and learn strategies to overcome barriers to continued participation in sports.

“Girls in sports are empowered for life.”

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Donate your 100% to opportunity


The Impact: Investing in the strength of women and the dreams of girls, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is a leading voice for women and girls in Canada.

Each year, the foundation supports over 30,000 women and girls through community programs in every province and territory in an effort to end violence against women and move women out of poverty.

“Invest in Women and Girls.

Change everything.”

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