Our New Home

Hillberg & Berk settles into a brand new headquarters



This year, as Hillberg & Berk celebrates its 10th anniversary, we also say hello to a brand new headquarters in the heart of Regina’s Warehouse District. Over the past 10 years, H&B has grown from our CEO, Rachel Mielke’s, kitchen table to our new 31,000 sq. ft. home.



Our executive, sales, operations, marketing, and customer care teams work together in an open office space to encourage collaboration and collision between faculties. The H&B family also comes together every day to eat and share stories in our gorgeous staff lounge.



Our new home includes many features that turn it into a creative hub, including an in-house photo studio where our content creation team produces stunning photography and videos. Next door is our creative lounge, where teams come together to bounce ideas off each other or take a break with our life-size colouring book art!



Creativity continues to flow down the hall to our design studio. Our design team is made up of creative souls with backgrounds in art and design. This is also where all of H&B’s jewellery is dreamed up, including the stunning statement necklaces created by our head designer each month for One-of-a-Kind Friday.



From here, the prototypes created by the design team move to production to be recreated. Our production team is made up of nearly 40 staff members who handcraft and quality-control our jewellery to ensure each piece is consistent with the initial design.



Finished jewellery moves to our distribution team to delicately package up and send out to retail locations, wholesalers, and customers. Each piece is quality-checked one last time to ensure it is flawless before finding its new home.



We are so excited to have our H&B family come together in this creative, collaborative space. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hillberg & Berk and our new home!