Snowed In

December One-Of-A-Kind: Frosty Festive Jewellery for the Holiday Season



'Tis the season for eggnog cocktails, festive soirees, and exchanging thoughtful gifts with loved ones. There is an undeniable lightness and essence of cheer in the air. A little more play and a little less work. It is the season for sparkle.



This month's Snowed In Collection is inspired by the Emmeline Statement Necklace — a frosty statement piece reminiscent of shimmering icicles and cascading avalanches. With over 20 multifaceted stones in 30 unique cuts, including onyx, mystic labradorite, rainbow moonstone, milky quartz, and white sapphire, its neutral winter palette will add just the right amount of sparkle to any ensemble.

Designed to be worn two different ways, the One-of-a-Kind Emmeline Statement Necklace can take you from glitzy holiday party to a cozy night in. Wear it long over a moody velvet dress, or make it short and let it add a little twinkle to a wintry wool sweater.



Complementary to the Emmeline Statement Necklace, the entirety of the Snowed In Collection utilizes the same frosty colour palette in luxurious combinations. Twinkling drop earrings, elegant and icy stretch bracelets, and dainty layering necklaces feature Hillberg & Berk's new Limited Edition Sparkle Ball™ — Avalanche.



When the cool bite of winter takes place, embrace the frosty designs of our December One-of-a-Kind Collection.