Truly Canada Proud

A Collection Inspired by a Love for Canada



When stating your Canadian nationality, there are so many reasons to feel proud. With our passion for community, our neighbourly attitude and a diverse culture at our core, our pride is one that is truly outstanding.



We are so fortunate to call this place home. Since our start in 2007, here at Hillberg & Berk, we are truly Canada Proud. This pride is demonstrated daily in the products we design and create right here at home, in Canada!



The Canada Collection was created as a way for us to wear our Canada pride with us everywhere we go. From the soft silver elements to our statement Red Sparkle BallTM, the collection is truly patriotic. These pieces were created for the passionate hockey parent, the avid adventurer and the patriotic Canadian.



From each purchase of this collection, a portion of the proceeds will help support Canadian Paralympic athletes as they represent our country. We hope when you wear your Canada Collection piece, it allows you to sparkle with Canadian pride.