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Welcome to a community of women who embrace their unique spirit, uplift others and live with passion and positivity

Who we are

We are a purpose-driven brand focused on empowering women through design.

What we do

We design and manufacture jewellery in Regina, Saskatchewan.


We create beautiful jewellery not only to help women capture their unique sparkle, but also to support causes dedicated to women's empowerment. From our culture to our community engagement and partnerships, every facet of our business strives to help women live their best life.

To help women reach their potential, we are committed to supporting causes that educate women and girls.
To encourage women to pursue their dreams, we are committed to inspirational initiatives that help us believe the impossible is possible.
We believe that women deserve equal opportunity and support causes that address inequality.

Meet CEO and Founder, Rachel Mielke

Our fearless leader, Rachel, is a Saskatchewan-born entrepreneur and mother of 3. Since starting Hillberg & Berk in 2007, Rachel's ambition has created opportunities for Hillberg & Berk with the Oscars, Dragon's Den, the Olympics and even with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Through perseverance, grit and optimism, Rachel has grown the company across Canada and her sparkling character has set the tone for the unique Hillberg & Berk culture. Through business, Hillberg & Berk helps women find their confidence and flourish, from the inside-out.

“I believe empowering women can change the world”
-Rachel Mielke, CEO
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