Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wears Hillberg & Berk brooch


We are excited to announce that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II wore her Hillberg & Berk brooch to church in Norfolk, England on February 2, 2014. In late 2013, during a private audience at Buckingham Palace, Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield presented Her Majesty with a unique brooch created by Hillberg & Berk founder, and designer Rachel Mielke.

The contemporary floral design is set in 18K white gold and features petals made with richly coloured tourmaline and a white fresh water pearl at its centre. Surrounded by 300 diamonds, the tourmaline’s distinctive pink, purple and reddish hues add a layer of femininity to the design while incorporating Hillberg & Berk signature elements of asymmetry and sparkle.

“At Hillberg & Berk we design jewellery with strong influential women in mind,” says Rachel Mielke, designer and founder of Hillberg & Berk. “Her Majesty is a modern icon who has devoted her life to improving the lives of others, it was an honour to create a piece that reflects her strength and beauty.”

Etched from the same Madagascar tourmaline used in Her Majesty’s brooch, the Legacy Collection features 160 uniquely designed pieces. Each piece is set in sterling silver and incorporates Hillberg & Berk’s signature element of asymmetry and sparkle.

“We wanted to celebrate Her Majesty’s legacy with a jewellery collection that spoke to her strength and beauty,” says Rachel Mielke. “By creating these one-of-a-kind pieces with the same Madagascar tourmaline used in her brooch, Canadian women can echo those same sentiments for themselves.”




This bib style statement necklace from the Legacy Collection features many hues from dark purple to mossy green. Tourmaline is known for being a very special and interesting stone. Bezel set in sterling silver and featuring our signature Hillberg & Berk sterling silver toggle.


Dark Purple Necklace


This necklace features dark purple tourmaline with hints of pink and bezel set in sterling silver. The 20" inch chain is the perfect length for everyday wear against the backdrop of your favourite top.