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With our loyalty rewards program, you'll earn rewards every time you shop.

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The good news? It gets even better! BerkPerks also includes three membership tiers—each with more perks than the next. Your membership tier will be silver at sign-up. Start shopping to unlock gold and rose gold rewards!

Please note, BerkPerks rewards cannot be combined with Outlet or Too Much of a Good Thing sale products.

Frequently Asked Questions

BerkPerks is a brand new program, and we’re excited to have you involved! Past purchases are not eligible for points application. We look forward to treating you to more surprises in the future! 

BerkPerks rewards cannot be combined with other offers or promotions, and are not eligible for redemption on gift cards.

One reward code may be redeemed per order. If you have multiple codes to use, we suggest placing multiple orders.

Every dollar spent is worth 2 points. Points can be redeemed for $5, $10, or $15 rewards on future purchases.

You'll earn points every time you shop—it's that simple! You can earn extra points by creating an account, signing up for our newsletter, following us on Facebook and Instagram, or leaving a product review.

Login to your account and click on the BerkPerks tab. Select the redeem button on the reward you wish to use. Copy the reward code, and apply it in the discount field at checkout during your next purchase.

Yes, you can visit any of our retail locations to redeem points. We're always happy to help you shop and save!

Login to your account. Your points balance will be displayed at the top of the page under the BerkPerks tab.

Yes! If you redeem your points but want to use the discount later, the code can be accessed in the My Rewards section of your account.

Points will expire after 1-year of inactivity. To keep your points active, you’ll just have to shop once a year. Don’t worry about keeping track—we’ll send you a notification if your points are about to expire.

There are 3 points statuses: pending, approved, and cancelled. Points will be approved 24-hours after you place an order for fraud prevention. During this window of time, the points associated with your purchase will show as pending. Once the points are approved, they're ready to redeem! Points will show as cancelled if an order is cancelled or returned.

If you return an order, the points received will be deducted from your account and shown as "cancelled." Exchanges do not impact your points balance.

If you return a full order that you used points to purchase, these points will automatically be added back to your account once the return has been received and processed. Points cannot be reinstated for partial returns (for example: if you return 1 pair of earrings from an order of 2 pairs that had a reward code applied, these points will not be refunded).

Reward codes are non-refundable. Once claimed and used, they are not transferable to other orders or eligible for refund.

Tier membership is based on your annual spend. Because sometimes, more is more! At sign-up, you’ll be in the silver tier. After you achieve the next tier, you’ll enjoy the associated perks for one year. 

Any early access perks to new products or promotional activities will be sent to you over email. As such, you will need to sign-up for our email newsletter to receive your early access perks.

We can’t give away all our surprises! Enter your birthday, and we’ll treat you on your special day.

No, BerkPerks points are non-transferable between accounts.