We believe when a woman rises, we all rise.

The most powerful thing a woman can be is herself. Find out more about how to join our team of exceptional employees.


We are here because of women: Rachel, the woman who started Hillberg & Berk at her kitchen table, the team of women we’ve grown into and the community of women who support us. Our business is centred around connecting and empowering women. In everything we do, the reason is women. Our collaborative environment is focused on employee empowerment, teamwork, and our mission to empower women.


The most powerful thing a woman can be is herself. She writes the definition. Daring. Passionate. Joyful. Determined. There's never just one way to be. A woman owning her colours and contrasts is magnetic. It inspires, it travels, it builds. Tapping into it, channelling it to raise up others, that's how we change the world.


Our benefits include comprehensive health coverage, health spending account, professional development opportunities, and special jewellery pricing and bonuses. Oh, and you get your birthday off, too.

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For Women, By Women

Here’s what current and past staff have to say about their work with H&B.

Working for Hillberg & Berk has been everything I imagined and so much more. I feel so fortunate to work beside people who empower and inspire me each day, while being challenged and supported at every turn. I get the opportunity to meet incredible people every day and hear stories about how our company has impacted them and how we’re making a difference through Sparkle. Working for Hillberg & Berk is more than selling beautiful jewellery; it’s being a part of something bigger than yourself and knowing you’re valued and encouraged in your own role in every way possible.

— Meaghan Bedford (Winnipeg Store Leader)

I have had the pleasure of working at Hillberg & Berk for almost five years now in a variety of areas, from retail, to distribution, and now to merchandising. In all my roles at Hillberg & Berk, I’ve had the chance to grow both personally and professionally as a result of being encouraged to make mistakes, take risks, and ultimately learn to develop myself. Hillberg & Berk has also given me the flexibility to continue my education while maintaining my career, so not only am I able to work full-time but also I have been able to take classes towards my degree simultaneously. Through my time at Hillberg & Berk, I have also loved working alongside like minded people who are passionate about their careers and the purpose of women's empowerment!

— Virginia Preikschat (HQ)

I have worked at Hillberg & Berk for almost five years and have grown tremendously throughout my career due to all of the opportunities I've been given. During these years, I’ve had positions in seven different departments and, having witnessed the company grow from 30 to over 200 employees, I feel as though I have been a part of every aspect of the business. While the company was growing, I was able to grow as a person and an employee, and now as a manager, I continue to learn from the expertise of my coworkers, leaders, and our executive team. The company as a whole makes me feel empowered, which gives me the confidence to succeed in my current position and in my future.

— Taenelle Hinger (HQ)

Starting my post-MBA career at H&B was an incredible way to develop my leadership skills and professional knowledge. Every day at H&B, I felt like I was putting to work the skills I learned at school while receiving the opportunity to test and learn from my classroom lessons in real life. Hillberg & Berk truly empowers its leaders, enabling them to own their business, learn from mistakes, and ultimately become more well-rounded business leaders. At H&B I developed some of the most meaningful relationships in my career, and I expect I will have mentors and industry peers within the company for years to come.

— Selena Pritchard (past employee)

At a time when I needed it most, my position at Hillberg and Berk picked me up and showed me not only my own strength as a woman but also the power created when women build each other up and work together.

— Remy Gilbertson (Edmonton Client Ambassador)