Get "Explicit"

Candid Conversations.
About Whatever We Want.

Whether it’s nipple tattooing, mental health, or your pelvic floor—we’re creating space to expand the horizons of “private” conversation. Special things happen when we talk freely about our lives. Touching stories are told, big laughs are had, and stronger bonds are formed. So this International Women's Day, and all days, let’s get together, and get explicit.

Raia Carey

Life Coach, Speaker & EDI Consultant

"I wish I’d learned how to speak to myself, and about myself, because that plays a big role in how you show up in the world.”
- Raia Carey
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Shaughnessy Otsuji

Restorative Tattoo Artist

“I feel like when women come together in a community, they're able to share so much knowledge between each other and go through things together.”
- Shaughnessy Otsuji
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Nikki Bergen

Master Trainer & Creative Educator

"I think if we really focus on empathy, community, and support, there's nothing we can't accomplish.”
- Nikki Bergen
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