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Letter Necklaces

A single letter on a sleek box chain available in gold, rose gold and silver. Add a personal touch to any outfit.

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Stephanie Heart Necklace

Rose gold hearts with letters written in pavé. A slider closure lets you adjust the chain. Find your perfect length with ease.

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Initial Station Necklaces

Create a personalized reminder of your favourite words, people, or places. Available in gold, rose gold, or silver.

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Mary Chain

Available as a bracelet or necklace. Make a bold statement with our biggest letter charms yet.

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Sophie Necklace

A rose gold chain plays host to a collection of gems formed in the shape of your favourite initial.

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Personalize your necklaces by choosing from our selection of Sparkle, word, or letter charms.

Sparkle Ball™ Charms

Add a little pop to a chain of your choice with our signature Sparkle Balls™.

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Word Charms

Inscribed with the perfect sentiment, these are the finishing touch to your favourite necklace.

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Letter Charms

Choose your initials or any collection of letters to personalize your initial necklace.

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