Get to Know: Lizzi Kapran

Article published at: May 15, 2023
Get to Know: Lizzi Kapran
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If you’re feeling stuck in a style rut, poised for a refresh, or ready to break free from the rules of the fashion world—you’re going to want to get to know Lizzi Kapran. Lizzi’s free-wheeling fashion philosophy has helped empower her growing online audience to dress for themselves. We spoke with Lizzi about comfort zones, trends, adventurous outfits, her style icon (mom), and her hairless cat Zeus. 

What’s your style philosophy on comfort zones? Should they be pushed? Or should we wear whatever makes us feel good?    

Comfort zones are created so you can stay out of them, in my humble opinion. Obviously, don’t wear clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, but pushing boundaries is what fashion is all about. Growth happens outside of the comfort zone. Some of my biggest shifts in personal style came from wearing something I initially thought I couldn't "pull off." Nowadays, that doubting mentality is pretty much gone. I actually feel most like myself when I wear something that makes heads turn.  

"Comfort zones are created so you can stay out of them...” 

Do you have any tips for owning an adventurous outfit?

Vintage stores, thrift stores, and mom's hand-me-downs are my favourite places to source the funkiest of the funky, the weirdest of the weird. When it comes time to wear said adventurous outfit, just remember that the looks people give you are almost always looks of admiration, inspiration, and curiosity. Not a lot of people feel comfortable wearing a tutu to the local coffee shops, but I do it all the time. Embrace the fact that you have the confidence to even put it on, and own it like it's no one's business. (Hint: it isn't!)

Lizzi Kapran

Do you have a favorite fashion rule? What style rules are made to be broken?  

There's a quote by Picasso that I think strongly applies to my outlook on "fashion rules": Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. There are zero rules to "follow" in my fashion book, just principles. Kind of like how art has principles of design, my outfits have principles of style. One principle of mine is called the "sandwich":  

  • one solid colour on top (can be a hat/shirt) 
  • one print/complimentary colour in the middle (can be pants, skirt, blazer, etc) 
  • the same solid colour on bottom (pants, shoes, bag) 

The sandwich is a great way to methodize my outfits when I'm in a creative rut. 

Lizzi Kapran

Can you tell when Zeus (your hairless cat) likes an outfit?  

Zeus loves colorful sweaters, sweater vests, the works! Winter is his favorite style season because he gets dressed in sweaters himself. He's like a tiny senior citizen with his affinity for cable knits. 

“I really hope to see more metal mixing... Such a fun way to give more edge to the daintiest of outfits.”

Lizzi Kapran's cat Zeus

What jewelry trends do you hope to see in the future? What accessory trends are you loving right now?

I really hope to see more metal mixing. I don't know why so many see it as a fashion crime! Such a fun way to give more edge to the daintiest of outfits. I love the maximalist jewelry trend peaking just in time for summer. A fully stacked ear and/or wrist just does something to me.

Lizzi Kapran

What do you think about while choosing an outfit for an occasion? Ie. Festivals, nights out, dinners, weddings?  

I only have one thought when choosing an outfit for any occasion—what will inspire, provoke curiosity, and make me feel like a million bucks? I ask myself this whether I'm styling a look for a press gala, or if I'm simply meeting a friend for lunch. 

“I only have one thought when choosing an outfit for any occasion—what will inspire, provoke curiosity, and make me feel like a million bucks?" 

Where do you get your style inspiration?

My #1 style inspiration is my beautiful mama. My mom is an immigrant from Eastern Europe. She came from a place where self-expression was frowned upon and even politically suppressed. As soon as she landed in Toronto, she ran to the nearest department store looking for a job. To her surprise, she was hired as a sales representative while only knowing a handful of English words. Her first paycheck was spent on the necessities: rent, food, and of course, for me she handpicked the chicest baby clothes that store had to offer. As the years went on and my family fortified a stable life here in Canada, our shared love for shoes, accessories, and dresses only grew. My mom would show up to parent-teacher conferences in colourful, daring looks that were straight out of fashion magazines (or at least 8-year-old me thought so). I always look back fondly on the times she would bring home stacks of ELLE, Vogue, and any fashion magazine she could get her hands on for me.  

Lizzi Kapran

What does your jewelry say about you?  

I'm all fun loving and free over here—metal mixing, dainty necklaces stacked on the chunkiest of chains. It’s all colourful today and totally toned down tomorrow.  

Lizzi Kapran

What’s it like getting ready in front of such a large online audience? Does it affect your style choices?  

I don't see it as getting ready in front of anyone. When I'm styling outfits for content it's just me and the creative juices flowing. Sometimes I'll edit a video and look back and think, "Hmm. This might be too out there, too unrelatable in terms of other people's style choices." Those are usually the videos that end up getting the best engagement and commentary because they provoke curiosity and get people thinking outside of the box. 

"I wish there wasn't so much of a collective focus on what's "in," and I wish people didn't feel so pressured to participate in it all.” 

Say you can change one thing about the world of fashion, what would it be?

I wish the concept of "trends" would cease to exist, to be completely honest! Things that are trendy this summer were deemed "weird" and "unusual" last summer. I wish there wasn't so much of a collective focus on what's "in," and I wish people didn't feel so pressured to participate in it all. Living in the city really highlights this because you can actually see a new "aesthetic" take over, but then it changes as soon as there's a new trend cycle. It all just looks super commercial and forced, even a bit robotic when you see the same "trendy" outfit multiple times in a single day. Shopping exclusively according to trends is a huge disservice to your wardrobe and our planet. 

Lizzi Kapran