Women In Uniform

Article published at: Nov 9, 2016
Women In Uniform
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Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Bourque and Major Gillian Dulle Inspire Confidence, Resilience and National Pride

Amidst a sea of gowns and bow ties at the Support Our Troops Gala held in Regina on November 5, Gwen and Gillian stand out not only because they don their full Army Mess Kit, but also because they account for a few of the handful of women in uniform.



A few weeks prior to the black tie gala, we were lucky to meet Gwen and Gillian in a more casual environment to talk about their experience as women in our Canadian Military. Although we knew that Gwen and Gillian were strong, tough women before our meeting, we were left inspired by their confidence and genuine nature.

As Gwen suggests, her role in the military requires confidence: "You know really we learn about discipline and if you’re not confident, people don’t really take you seriously so you have to be confident and know what you’re talking about," she says.



Gwen and Gillian have experienced challenges while serving, as both have deployed to Afghanistan; however, both women glow with pride as they talk about representing Canada. Gwen says, "It was such a great feeling to get out there, be able to represent Canada, and help other cultures. It was just a really exciting time because you really felt like you were making a difference."



As representatives of the Canadian Armed Forces, Gillian and Gwen offer their support to the partnered charities of the Support Our Troops Yellow Ribbon Pin, the Military Families Fund and Solider On. We are honoured to work with empowered women like Gwen and Gillian and think of them as we pin our yellow ribbons to our chests.