Untold stories from the world of professional women’s sports

For International Women’s Day this year, we created a space for some of Canada’s top women in sport to speak candidly about whatever they want. What ensued were chats about gender inequality, periods before big matches, and breastfeeding while playing professional hockey. Let’s get "explicit."

Natalie Spooner

Professional Hockey Player & Olympic Champion

"I came back four months postpartum to play my first hockey game in the PWHPA to give myself a chance to get ready for the World Championships.

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Olympic Taekwondo Athlete

"If you have a goal and a dream to achieve something great, there have to be sacrifices that come along with it. And if your dreams are that strong, then I think it'll be worth it in the end.

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Keesa Koomalsingh

Founder, HoopQueens

"When I tore my ACL I didn't know who I was after. That injury changed my perspective on how to deal with life, figure out a different path, and just pivot.

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